Know Where Your Customers Live

I am working on a future post called “Death to Distance” regarding how many opportunities team have to reach out to and generate revenue from fans that aren’t local to the area.  However, I’d first like to talk about one way that teams make mistakes in dealing with their long distance fans.

In my attempts to learn some best practices for email-based marketing, I have signed up for many different team newsletters across multiple sports.  As such, I’m quite used to receiving all different types of messages and offers.  However in the past 24 hours, I’ve received two emails from teams about local partner-events, one from a Washington team and one from a Florida team.  The Washington email promoted the 2008 Seattle Food and Wine Experience, while the Florida email promoted the Dew AST Tour.  Now the problem is, I do not live in Washington or Florida – I live in New Jersey.  And these teams know this!!!!

By doing this, these teams have risked driving away a fan that has voluntarily signed up for their newsletters and emails.  With today’s CRM and email marketing systems, it is very easy to segment your users my their geographic location.  These types of messages could be very valuable but they need to be sent to the right audience, specifically fans that could actually attend the event being promoted!