Put Your Fans Into The Game

This year, the Oakland Raiders created a site called The Raider Creator (www.raidercreator.com), which lets users take one of their own pictures, add the Raiders eye-patch, and create their own Raiders banner image.  Here is one that I put together pretty quickly:

Raider Creator

I really liked this program for several reasons: 

  • This is a great way to build a deeper brand connection with your fans, literally making their own image a part of the brand itself.
  • The Raiders collect each participant’s email address, and then have an additional data collection opportunity by letting fans enter their image into a contest to be on a Raiders billboard.
  • They give an easy way to share the image with others, and in turn, collecting the names and email address of the user’s friends.
  • They’ve created a unique merchandising opportunity, by letting users purchase a mug, hat, or bumper sticker with their image.
  • Finally, when you’re done with your image, you can “See Where You Can Sit” and buy tickets for an upcoming game.

The only thing this site is missing is the ability to share your Raider image via social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, etc.) which could make a service like this generate a more viral impact.  Regardless, it was a great idea and well executed.