Widgets, Widgets, Widgets!

Widgets are a great way to let users embed your content wherever they want to see it.  One of the best examples of them right now is the ESPN WidgetCenter.  A visitor can click on the “Add Now” button for any of their widgets and easily add the widget to their social networking profile, Google home page, blog, or more.  I’ve added the ESPN Top Story widget right here:

This is a great way to get your web content in the hands of fans and customers easily and more often.  Now every time Joe Smith starts at his Google home page, ESPN can make sure their featured content is displayed immediately!  I like the idea of widgets so much, I created one for my site!

I used a site called www.WidgetBox.com, which can take the content from any blog or website and easily make a customized widget.  Now, if you like the content from my blog (which I hope you all do), you can simply embed this widget on your own site, blog, MySpace, Facebook, or anywhere else that you like!  Just click on the “Get Widget” button at the bottom of the widget, and you’ll see all the easy ways you can add The Business of Sports Widget to your page!