Some Thoughts on Commercials

I was thinking about what makes a good team commercial earlier today, so I searched around YouTube for a bit and pulled up a couple that I found, with my thoughts on each of them:

Oregon State Football (2008):

  • Image – Exciting visual content, with a good mix of past success and current action, backed with a recognizable and appropriate soundtrack.
  • Message – A little mixed, since they are pushing the past success, while the team did not perform well last year.
  • Branding – “Let it Rage” tag is a bit harsh – most colleges, even when pushing football, what to make the message a little more family-friendly.  Also, the Beavers logo is only used at the start – it should be included at the end as well (at a minimum).
  • Call to Action – Ends with a nicely branded phone number for season tickets and supported by the audio line to “get your tickets today” but the call to action can still get more emphasis.  How much do tickets start at?  Is there a website to go to?

L.A. Clippers (2007-08):

  • Image – Nice use of color vs. B&W and the voiceover script builds an emotional connection which is closed with a strong mix of action clips.
  • Message – The underdog plot line is perfect for this franchise, that has historically underperformed.  They aren’t promising too much, and yet the message builds interest.
  • Branding – Again, the underdog image is a great fit, but doesn’t help long term.  The “Love the Game” tag is also nice for the short-term, but focuses on just basketball rather than helping to brand the team.  Finally, the team logo should be used more throughout, rather than in just white at the end.
  • Call to Action – It ends with the phone number (unfortunately branded as NBA and not Clippers) AND the Clippers URL, which is better than the OSU visual ending, but it is missing the audio-driven call.  The end screen does refer to individual game tickets, but its easy to overlook and could still use some more information (how much? when?)

I will probably do more “commercial” analysis occasionally.  My takeaway from this first exercise is that its easy to combine exciting images and a good soundtrack (music or scripted), but more attention must be paid both to the long-term branding as well as a strong call to action.  Commercials, like any other marketing channel, must directly drive revenue, so make sure to tell your viewers how they can do just that!

One thought on “Some Thoughts on Commercials

  • October 8, 2008 at 4:28 am

    I’m a big fan of the Arizona State commercials, as they are all consistent with the brand they have attempted to build. In addition they highlight the key games, have a call to action, etc.

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