Some Interesting Links

Just a quick list of interesting links today:

  • The Partnership Activation Newsletter – This is a great blog for anyone on the sponsorship side, and he just started putting out a monthly newsletter, so I suggest signing up.
  • Getting Engagement out of Sports– From Pat Coyle’s blog (Pat runs  Most organizations are looking for ways to generate revenue, but too often skip over the idea of engagement.  Without first engaging a fans interest and attention, they could easily block out attempts to drive purchasing behavior, and there is higher potential for engagement in sports compared to almost any other industry.
  • A Longer Season for the NFL? – The NFL already has the largest television contract in sports and sell out almost every game across the country.  How much more revenue will they generate by adding a 17th or 18th game?  Is there any downside to this idea?  How will the players and league negotiate this change in the next CBA?
  • Fantasy Football at the NCAA Level – The business potential is HUGE to expand the fantasy realm into collegiate sports, but where is the line?  How can you use the names and statistics of amateur athletes when their own colleges can’t use that information in a similar way?