Capitalizing on Today’s Success Tomorrow

Arizona DiamondbacksFor most teams, making the playoffs is not an everyday occurrence.  So when that day does come, you need to take advantage of it as much as possible.  The Arizona Diamondbacks are doing just that right now.  While most teams wait until the postseason to start the next year’s season ticket push, the Diamondbacks are offering an advanced option on 2008 postseason tickets to anyone who purchases season tickets for the 2009 season.  For a team like the Diamondbacks, which play in a tough market and do not have a history of postseason performance, it is critical for the team to leverage any on-field success into guaranteed revenue.  Other teams in similar situations, such as the Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins and most of all, the Tampa Bay Rays, should follow the Diamondbacks’ lead and offer a similar promotion to their fans.

One thought on “Capitalizing on Today’s Success Tomorrow

  • September 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Completely agree that teams need to take advantage of the momentum leverage their on-field success and in particular in relation to season tickets. It appears to me that more and more clubs are taking strong initiatives in relation to increasing the number season tickets sold but that best practices are still to be developed – or at least consolidated and shared. A few examples of initiatives I have come accross are:

    – Promotion of season tickets (for remainder or next season) during times of success on the field (BIRG principle basically)

    – Price/discount incentives behind sales of season tickets

    – “Non purchasable” benefits included in season ticket packages (e.g. meeting players, special invites, events)

    – Targeted marketing campaign towards non-season ticket holders with more than X visits to stadium previous year

    – Additional incentives to current season ticket holders potentially not planning to renew following season (e.g. first time season ticket holders)

    – Promotional offer through existing season ticket holders to “invite/remind” others to purchase season tickets

    There are of course many more (please add to the list ;-)) and it would be interesting to hear more details about the actual outcomes of these types of initiatives…..

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