Viral Marketing

As competition increases and budgets tighten, low-cost, viral marketing becomes even more important.  Every sports organization needs to constantly be thinking about what type of content will engage with their fans and spread easily through word-of-mouth.  This content usually takes the form of video or blogs, with a creative approach that doesn’t force the company slogan down your throat.

I know that I want to learn more about how to create viral marketing campaigns.  In my research, I read a book called “Tuned In” (I give the book 3 out of 4 stars).  The book pointed me to the blog of one of the authors, David Meerman Scott.  The site is (“Web Ink Now”), and if you go there, you can download a small E-Book called “The New Rules of Viral Marketing.”  He actually has a couple of e-books that I’m in the process of reading.  They are definitely worth taking a look at.

One thought on “Viral Marketing

  • February 1, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    I think that since the time you wrote this post, the number of ways that teams have to communicate with their fans has expanded and made it easier for their messages to go viral. The smart teams are embracing social media as a messaging platform to expand the reach of their marketing in a cost effective manner.

    Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare, teams are able to more readily connect with their fans and also to communicate unique offerings and unique messages. Along with being able to instantly touch base with their fans to find out whether or not they are on message or if the actions they are taking are falling on deaf ears.

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