Buyer Personas

I am currently reading a book called “Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs” which is based around a unique, outside-in way of thinking about creating new products and services.  one of the chapters talks about understanding buyer personas, which means not just recognizing that you have different market segments that buy your product, but really delving into their reasons behind buying and how best to deliver a product that matches their persona.

Now this gave me an idea.  I would love to work with a sports franchise (pro, amateur, college, any type of organization) to breakdown their current ticket buyers into different categories of “buyer personas.”  We know that people attend sporting events for so many reasons: family outing, corporate outing, must-see event, die-hard fan, casual fan, nothing-else-to-do, fan of the sport, and many more.  My guess is that within sports, we can probably identify anywhere from 8 to 20 distinct personas, similar to how some marketing agencies have broken down the public into different consumer categories.  Then for a specific organization, through using some research methods, we could determine how many of their ticket buyers match each persona and then make decision on how to communicate most effectively with them. 

There is definitely a relationship here to CRM, where you can segment your customers properly and generate tailored communications and offers for them.  This would be another layer on top of your existing data (purchase history, etc) that could be used in any manner the organization wanted.  The more the team understands what motivates their customers, the more effectively they can communicate and the better experience they can offer.